• On Vanity Metrics Like Crash-Free Session Rate

    App metrics, especially performance metrics, are only useful if they are predictive or actionable. By predictive, I mean you can, with varying degrees of certainty, assume changes to other metrics or outcomes if that metric were to change, for better or for worse. If P95 changes for request latency changes for some end point, does…

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  • Decoding Gino, 1/?

    Gino Pozzo has been in charge of Watford FC for over a decade. Success came relatively early, culminating in the FA Cup final in 2019, but the last few years have been lean to say the least. His methods have always been curious and foreign to the fanbase, but when it worked on the pitch,…

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  • Profit vs quality

    Software engineering is all about trade offs. Almost anything within the laws of physics and computers is possible if you pay for it. The currency is not only in dollars or engineer-days, but also in degraded performance in other aspects of the system. Cap theorem, etc. You also pay for it in increased complexity and…

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