My professional interests are largely found in the overlap of performance, data, observability, Android, real human impact, and under-explored spaces.

I’m currently having the time of my work-life working on all aspects of that at Embrace, where we help folks build better mobile experiences. In less abstract terms, we give folks the best-in-breed ability to find, monitor, and debug the trickiest app problems related to performance, stability, and reliability using production data. More details can be found in my LinkedIn profile.

This blog is partly inspired by my need to write down and further explore ideas I have related to my work interests. The idea isn’t about dropping pearls of wisdom or thought-leadering – in fact, it will mostly be me talking about things I found obvious but haven’t see much discussion on just so I can get it clear in my head, or me poking around related ideas and coming with up with more questions than answers.

If that sounds interesting to you, you can read more in my posts about work section. Here’s an RSS feed to follow all my work-related content.